Upcoming meetings

Each and every year The Crustacean Society meets with other socieities from all around the country to talk about the state of Crustacea and to further academic study of Crustacea. Our upcoming meetings are below.

2021 Annual Meeting of TCS & SICB

Date: 3-7, January 2021
Registration deadline:November 2020
Abstration deadline:Late August 2020
Location:Washington D.C.

The SICB & TCS will return to Washington DC in 2021. We look forward to TCS developing strong symposia for this meeting, and encourage our colleagues to collaborate with our research colleagues from the region in developing groupings of presentations.

2022 Annual Meeting of TCS and SICB

Date:3-7, January, 2022
Registration deadline:November 2021
Abstration deadline:Late August 2021
Location:Phoenix, AZ

The SICB and TCS will return to Arizona in 2022. The SICB symposia are the center of the conference, and always draws strong forward looking science. We look forward to developing a symposia or two for this conference. Symposium proposal deadline is late August 2021. The plenary speakers have brought the house down each year. The location will attract many of our Latin American and southern US region colleagues. Abstract deadlines are usually set for late August, 2021.

2022 TCS Summer Meeting

Registration deadline:TBA
Abstration deadline:TBA
Location:Santos City, Brazil

TCS is excited to announce our return to South America and our first visit to Santos City, Brazil. Please watch the website for updates for this meeting. It will be in early Fall (for Northern Hemisphere), so please place on your calendars.

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